Mobile Squash Court

The AirSquash Court is a mobile squash court with an inflatable frame and highly tensioned layers on the inside to guarantee a flat surface and excellent rebound abilities off the front and side walls.

Easy handling

The AirSquash Court fits easily into any Estate car boot. The inflation and dismantling time is less than 15 minutes and can be handled by two people.

Design your own court

There is practically no limit to the design of the AirSquash Court.  Both the inflatable frame and the inside layers can be made in different Colour schemes. Text, logo and images can be printed digitally on the material.

More Information

The AirSquash Court offers an inflatable frame with around 65% of the original court dimensions

  • 6 meters length (inside)
  • 4 meters width (inside)
  • 3 meters height front wall
  • 2.20 meters height back wall (original height)

and 3 highly tensioned layers on the inside front and side walls. There is no floor integrated, so you make use of the subsurface you put the court on. Gym floors may provide perfect conditions but any surface that is clean and even proves suitable. A constantly blowing air fan supplies the court with the necessary pressure. Squash on the AirSquash Court is fun and easy.

Watch the Videos to get an impression of Squash on the AirSquash Court.

Use of the specially fabricated AirSquash soft ball is definitely recommended since this ball comes with the right size and bouncing ability for the court. All other equipment can be taken from the regular squash inventory.

There are various ways of how to place advertisement of the court. Any sort of design can be printed digitally directly onto the inside layers. Logos or lettering can be painted or airbrushed onto the inflatable frame. Replaceable banners can be attached to any area of the court. Even the AirSquash soft ball can be customer designed and used as a promotional tool.